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Sea Center Texas—Brazoria County

Choosing Your Course:

Purchase Transactions: If you are the only borrower on the mortgage loan, you will choose the Red Button below. If there are multiple borrowers on the loan, then each borrower will select the Blue Button below. You will complete the Homebuyer Education course.

Refinancing: Only one borrower is required to complete the Post Purchase Education, use the Red Button.

Step 1

Choose an option below and create an account. If there are multiple borrowers registering, you will need to enter the co-borrower's email address and name.

Step 2

You will submit your course payment in the Complete Purchase Section. The cost for Homebuyer Education is $100 if there is one borrower and $60 each if there are 2 or more borrowers on the mortgage loan. The cost for Post Purchase Education is $75.

A certificate is provided upon completion and is valid for 12 months. Courses are offered in Spanish and English.