Our SETH GoldStar Program is now available with Gateway Mortgage Group. The GoldStar Program provides assistance in the form of a forgivable 2nd lien. The maximum amount of assistance to be provided is 7% and is based on the final loan amount. The assistance is forgiven equally each year and is considered completely forgiven after your 7th year residing in the home. The program also provides a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. Mortgage options are FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional. There is no pre-payment penalty or federal recapture tax for the mortgage loan.

Borrowers do not have to be first time homebuyers and purchase a home located in Texas but outside of Travis County and the city limits of El Paso and Grand Prairie. Buyers must be income eligible (see limits posted below) and each borrower on the mortgage loan will need to complete the SETH on-line Homebuyer Education Course.

The mortgage rate for this program is published daily for Loan Officers by Gateway Mortgage Group. Currently this program is available only to Gateway Mortgage Loan Officers and we expect to make this program available to other lenders in the future.

  • Borrowers must meet program income limits
  • Obtain mortgage and program approval from Gateway Mortgage Group
  • Minimum FICO score of 620
  • DTI up to 55%
  • Maximum Sales Price: $424,100

For more information, please contact:

Rhonda Mitchell : 281.484.4663 ext. 110
Ron Williams : 281.484.4663 ext. 108

Income Limits FHA/VA
Income Limits USDA
Income Limits for Freddie Mac/Conventional
Income Limits for Additional Subsidy: Freddie Mac/Conventional
New FHA Purchase Price Limits